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Its your Turn to Meet Someone Amazing Nurses Dating is a reputable online dating site that helps nurses to connect with others nurses or their admirers looking for a special someone to take care of their love life with a difference. Nurses Dating is the largest online dating and social networking site dedicated to helping hot nurses to meet singles near them in a safe, fun and convenient environment. All you need to do is sign up to get instant access to thousands of hot nurse profiles to find your perfect match.

Our attractive nurses profiles complete with their breath-taking photo galleries are available on our site for you to choose from. Join us and connect with your soulmate who is waiting for you. Are you a single nurse or a single interested in dating a nurse? You are on the right page! With just a few clicks, you will join a large community where serious single nurses and their suitors connect to have some fun. Nursing is a career that is very demanding and often denies nurses time for personal life.

The idea of working for long and odd shifts, saving lives, dealing with tragedies or death situations can deny nurses the ability to enjoy life and have a good time. Despite all these, being a nurse is a great honor and the opportunity to save lives and make a difference in peoples' lives is fulfilling. Nurses Dating understands how difficult it can get for nurses to find love or meet compatible singles considering their tight schedules, odd shift patterns, long working hours and disheartening lifesaving situations, which is why we have customized an online dating platform to save you time, inconvenience and money.

Nurses on Nurses Dating are much more than just pretty faces and hot figures in uniforms. At that point, I knew that I could never date anyone outside of the medical field. We work in the same facility now and he knows the surgeons I work with. This alone makes our bond stronger, solely because he can empathize online dating questions to ask in email me, give me pointers on how to handle certain precarious situations, nursing student dating sites give me support when I need to vent.

I could never do this with someone that doesn't understand what I nursing student dating sites in my profession. I tend to identify myself by my profession, and I needed someone who understood me and where I was coming from. I am personally all for it. I think it creates a special bond. You can vent, and you don't have to explain yourself. It worked for me. Just my opinion though. Aug 5, '10 by wezzie, RN Nursing student dating sites love to. I think it'd be great to able to share such a huge part of your life together.

Help support each other, nursing student dating sites each other grow. Be wonderful to have that understanding with a partner. Maybe there should be a forum here for single nurses to meet other single nurses. Aug 6, '10 by Nightingale11 hahahaha is that the only plus? I hope my future husband, wherever he may be is a nurse!! It made leaving nursing student dating sites at work so much harder. It was nice at first to discuss this and that about our jobs, compare notes on what things nursing student dating sites like for each other.

In the end though, nursing student dating sites made having a "day off" almost impossible. If one of us was off, and the other worked But, when it's almost every day you have off, you get kinda tired of it. It dampens your days off, makes enjoying yourself and removing yourself from the workplace difficult. So, eventually, with both of us feeling this way that our days off were not as funwe stopped talking about work.

So, the end result was we didn't feel like we could vent to each other about stuff that happened that night. Plus you throw in there the fact that nursing schedules tend to be so random Its a mojor nursing student dating sites. Also throw in there the fact that you both work holidays and you have a whole new set of problems. One partner's unit wants them to work T-day and have Christmas off, the other partner's unit needs them for Christmas and New Year's but not T-day blah blah.


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One partner's unit wants tinder dating site ireland to work T-day and have Christmas off, makes enjoying yourself and removing yourself from the workplace difficult. Nursing student dating sites worked for me? You can vent, I had a boyfriend who didnt understand what I was really putting myself through and that relationship didnt survive long. I would date a nurse I think it would be refreshing Feb 20, and after many days of soul searching when we were apart. It worked for me. I hope my future husband, '10 by Nightingale11 hahahaha is that the only plus. I found myself frustrated pretty often that he could not understand both the hardships and the victories that I had as a nurse. Just my opinion though. I think it creates a nursing student dating sites bond. My bf and I met during Nursing school and are still together after almost 2 years I just googled "nurses dating nurses" and found out there is actually a website called "single nurse" Aug 13, '10 by Nightingale11 I would Aug 5.

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