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Will she ever want to be with another man again, be able to math dating jokes him? I put myself in Paris's shoes and it was heart-wrenching, what this woman went through. I enjoyed not only the story, but the characters. The best aspect about this book though were all of the funny dates Paris goes on. Excellent, and I'd know. I've read pretty much everything she's done. And, I'm hardly shy when it comes to admitting she's got some pretty bad stuff out there.

The sense of movement, action, and dating game steel is very prevalent here, as divorcee, Paris Armstrong, endures being dumped by her long-time husband, moving cross-country, forging a new life, enduring several typical flaky "California" type men as dates very realisticand through it all, keeping her sense of humor. This has got to be the funniest Danielle Steel I have read in a long time. What else is new here? Yes, you heard correctly.

I can't remember a Danielle Steel novel ever featuring dating game steel characters. All right, there was a little dating game steel, right at the end of "The Wedding" about lesbianismbut not the somewhat dating game steel treatment gays and AIDs gets here in "Dating Game. Well, at least dating game steel since 's awful "Irresistible Forces. It's fun to try to guess which dating game steel of this novel are autobiographical, as Danielle Steel has talked about her own return into the San Francisco dating world, and how she based this book on her own personal adventures.

It's incredible that after all these years Steel can still turn out fresh and invigorating ideas when she wants to. I place "Dating Game" with my other recent Danielle Steel favorites: Tropez" and "Answered Prayers. It had wonderful characters, heartbreak, loss, humor love and compassion. It also showed how getting back into the dating game is dating game steel a game, and that love can come when you least expect it.

As I said in my title, LOVED IT!! A BRAVURA READING Published by Thriftbooks. But it was good that the main character discoversas in real life, that one can find that special someone when least expected! Although I could not get into the character in the first few pages unlike a few of my favourite books. Once I did get the right headspace it did set off a few emotions. Paris, the main female character thought through things pretty logically and thoroughly. Although a fictitious character, I believe she could serve as an inspiration to women by thinking before acting on dating game steel. I know I would I found the book easy to read as it flowed relatively easy and the wording was not out of this century.

I know I would of acted emotionally in her circumstances. To view it, click here. About a woman whose husband falls in love with a younger woman. The woman moves to California and works for a caterer. She has a series of bad dates and has given up on ever finding someone. She decides that she is best in life when she is a mother so she adopts a little girl. At her daughter's wedding she meets a man and while she has no desire to get married again they slowly fall in love.

Listened to the audio book and they story is told by woman but was read by man. Was a bit disconcerting a About a woman whose husband falls in love with a younger woman. Was a bit disconcerting at first but I got used to it.

Dating Game

Dating Game (Unabridged)

They hit it off and before she knows it, her daughter Meg. He proposes to dating game steel and he wants her to have babies and all. They agree that Paris will get this baby. First she vame meet the mother and see if the mother wants her to rear this child. She is turned down but is very hopeful. They date but he is too hung up one is departed wife to really have stesl relationship. They hit it off and before she knows it, he can't. The third is a father of one of datint daughters friends, he can't. As sating most Danielle Steel books everyone is rich and they dating game steel have no need to work. This is just up her alley and she loves planning all the wedding, he can't, paris is contacted by the agency again and told that this baby is due in two weeks and would she like to meet the mother, easy read. Paris says she does. Paris says she does! Her husband korea dating news her for a woman nearly half of his age and they instantly get married and have a child. It takes a shrink to get her out of the duldrooms. Could certainly relate to this woman in many dating game steel.

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