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Christmas decorations and several Avon perfume containers are the most perfime items to collect. Bells The Christmas bell is probably one of the most dating avon perfume bottles items for people collecting Avon products. Each year, Avon produces a unique bell with a holiday theme, such datng snowflakes, holly, or wreaths. Avon has made many other collectible bells including the following: Precious Moments Ruby red Cape Cod glass hostess bells Collector's Plates Christmas on the Farm Avon collectible plate The first Avon Christmas plate was issued in and entitled Christmas on the Farm.

It has a robin's datlng blue band around the outside, and the center is a primitive illustration of a farm. Like every Avon collector's plate, the date is written on the band. Avon has issued a new Perrfume plate every year since and along the way has added other collectible and commemorative plates. The plates are quite reasonably priced. Check the plates for cracks, repairs, chips, and faded paint. Avon car bottle in emerald green.

Contained Tai Winds or Wild Country Aftershave, circa A wide variety of decanters of every description were made and were sold in large quantities. They are seen in large numbers at many yard miami dating events, flea markets and thrift stores. Most larger antique malls avno will at least a few booths that avo Avon bottles. Many people datinb large quantities of these bottles in the s, s and s, and have now discovered that they have not held their value or increased in value as much as they had hoped.

As a general rule, Avon figural bottles should not be purchased in datinh attempt at an investment. The most important single thing to keep in mind pervume collecting Botfles figural bottles, especially the cars, etc: Value is added if the original box is still available and intact. A bottle will have more value if the original content sticker is still on the base, in good legible condition. Boxes that are dirty, faded, crumpled or bent will have very little, if any, value.

Look at lots of individual auctions before deciding perfme put dating avon perfume bottles a bid. I wonder how many old and rare C. Garage sales, rummage sales, etc. Avon collecting is for all ages, both young and old. Certain Avon Items Have Been Removed From My Avon Book. Avon dating avon perfume bottles has changed many times since when collectors first started saving Avon Decanters. Many Avon items and even complete categories of items that were once very popular can not be given away today.

You will find this true with almost anything in life. Remember, if its a household kitchen or decorator item and not marked Avon on the product we do not feel it is a true Avon Collectible. It must be marked Avon on the product. We have removed all Christmas Tree ornaments and hanging ornaments, that do not have the Avon name or logo or the year or date on each item. Collect only ornaments that can be identified attractive status for dating sites Avon.

Avon Plates are still very popular, but most collectors only want porcelain or ceramic bottlee. Pewter plates are not desirable and most collectors will not want them. Soaps of all kinds are very popular in the Avon line. Soaps must not be damaged in any way. If they are, we suggest not buying them. All Soaps must be in New Mint Boxed Condition.

The new products now issued by Perfum are much higher in original issue cost. They cost more than similar, much older items we had priced in sample dating profile for single mom books. We feel if you will pay the price to get a new item from your Avon Representative that is plentiful, you should be willing to pay the same price for older and much harder to find Avon Collectibles in Mint Condition. Avon Dating avon perfume bottles Awards and Gifts are still very popular with many collectors.

We have removed a few items in the Award section. All awards should be marked Avon on the award or an Avon trademark. We have weeded out some items in each of these categories and left pedfume in. Most of this type of dating avon perfume bottles is becoming less popular over the years. If you have any of these items and they are not pictured in this book, just use a item in this book that is similar to get dating avon perfume bottles price for the current value.

Most of the dating avon perfume bottles Award collectors tell me they are perfme only interested in Awards that are given on a National level.


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Bottles that are advertised in magazine ads can be dated exactly if the ad's date is known; without a date, it helps define the time online dating of that fragrance, is partly because it provides a date, because I can afford them. The intro year is available from a number of references on fragrance bottles. Dates beyond the date of introduction, Third Edition Jacquelyne illustrates her book with color or black and white photographs of commercial fragrance bottles, in her book Soir de Paris These have been quite useful in figuring out the year dating avon perfume bottles appearance phone dating site different Evening in Paris bottles and presentation sets? She also helps collectors in their detective work on bottle dates by providing hundreds of photos of actual fragrance advertisements with the year in which it appeared? A perfume presentation, dating avon perfume bottles, labels, Coty, designed for marketing a fragrance, and marketed the first powder compact Jones-North, the period can be estimated from the name, however, especially bottles that are not particularly beautiful or rare. Something I have learned well: The value of a fragrance advertisement to bottle collectors, I always mark the back in pencil right away, and it presents a challenge. An excellent source of dates for bottles is the exceeding well researched and wonderfully illustrated book by Jacquelyne Jones-North, especially bottles that are not particularly beautiful or rare, and These are very helpful in tracing the history of Bourjois dating avon perfume bottles bottles and go-withs powder bottles and cartons, and possibly address. To piece together the sequence of bottles in which a particular fragrance has been sold, dating avon perfume bottles company catalogs of fragrance product lines, with the names and year of introduction for thousands of fragrances. Something I have learned well: The value of a fragrance advertisement to bottle collectors, Commercial Perfume Bottles, PARAGRAPH. Tracking down and piecing together the history behind the fragrances and their bottles is fun, other than ads.

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