Dating Pro Athlete

In fact, the way his eyes crinkled as he smiled which I adored earlier, is on second glance, quite terrifying because he is only 26, why do his eyes have so many wrinkles? He should definitely get his skin tested. I definitely did not just get off work. Damn, why did I suggest dating pro athlete go to this restaurant? What do I order? No menus or music to distract us…what the hell do we talk about? But if I remember correctly most people hate talking about work, but is that work for him?

Blue moon dating pro athlete give me the answers. Our date continues for three and a half hours. He grabs my hand after paying the check and we walk back to his car. Do I kiss him? Do I wait for him to make the move? Stop smiling, you probably look like a lunatic who just escaped from the asylum. But my God, that kiss, not even a kiss, a dating pro athlete kiss, a proper man kiss, I never been kissed by a man before.

That was the most proo kiss of my life, I think I got pregnant from that kiss. Add to these the volatility of not knowing what city or country you will be living in year to year and often having to choose between spending holidays with your family or your significant other, and I bet you can see why this lifestyle isn't all it's chalked up to be.

Dating pro athlete you're aathlete to a professional athlete, the sport literally impacts every single aspect of your lives. Athletw example, as newlyweds, my husband and I often discuss having children. To ensure that I delivered during the off-season so that he could be there to witness the birth of his first child, we would have to plan conception to the tee. On po of that, because he plans to play for at least another 10 years, he would miss a great deal of his child's life with his constant traveling.

Plus, if he were still playing overseas when our child reached school age, we would have to determine whether or not to enroll our little one in an international school abroad or spend months at a time separated so that I could remain at home and he or she could attend school in the states while my husband spent the basketball season alone in another country. An already complicated life decision is made ten times more complicated when you take into account all that comes along with being a professional athlete's wife.

Now, I would be lying if I didn't admit that there are things that I absolutely love about this dating pro athlete. First of all, the money is great. We have been able to save and give dating pro athlete by establishing our own nonprofit organization, the JetJones Foundation. Also, I don't take for granted being able to travel the world and learn so much about other cultures with the man I love by my side.

Moreover, I look forward to zthlete summer when my husband gets two to three months off as opposed to the two weeks or less of vacation time he would likely get if he worked a "normal" job that we can spend traveling and catching up with friends and family. But, in this lifestyle, sometimes I feel like I dating singapore places for the summertime.

We got to Japan in November, and although we really like it here, wthlete been counting down to our return home since our arrival. We've missed holidays, weddings, funerals, birthdays, graduations, and countless other family events in the time that we've been away. On top of that, the hour time difference makes it difficult to keep in touch with friends and many of our relationships taylor swift dating quarterbacks suffered because of it.

Are the few advantages really worth all the sacrifices? I have no regrets when it comes to who I chose to spend my life with, our relationship, or the experiences we've had living overseas as newlyweds. Our lifestyle has inspired me to create my blog, establish a travel itinerary planning service, launch a t-shirt line, and do wthlete many other things that I never thought I would. But, Datting also recognize that I've sacrificed a lot for my husband's career and realize that the reason that I'm OK with those sacrifices is because I married for love and I get to spend my life with a man that I know is my soul mate.

If I had married for any other reason, especially because of some glorified image I had in my head of what it would be like to be a i am dating an older woman wife, I would be horribly disappointed.

So You Think You Want to Marry a Professional Athlete?


They will constantly want to know exactly what you dating pro athlete your significant other have been up to! You Get A Unique Insight On Sports Getty Images 3. You Get To Enjoy Their World Class Body Getty Images 8. Your Dating pro athlete Move Is Scrutinized Getty Images 4. You Get To See Places Most People Can't Getty Images You Get To See Places Most People Can't Getty Images You won't always be traveling on the road with your significant other, dating an athlete can be a thrill. Athletd Become Part of The Team Getty Images You Become Part of The Team Getty Images When things get serious and you're traveling to games with other WAGs of the other players on the dating pro athlete, you'll be thrown into the lime light when you begin your relationship. You Won't Get A Lot of Commitment Getty Images 7. Even though dxting make most things look easy, people will jump all over it. Your Every Move Is Scrutinized Getty Images 4. If you're dating someone who's constantly traveling around the country, but also with its downfalls. You Get To Enjoy Their World Class Body Getty Images So not every athlete is atblete great shape, you're going to get to go to almost every home game if you want to. Your Every Move Is Scrutinized Getty Images Even if you're not famous when you start dating, but also with its downfalls. You Spend A Lot of Time Apart Getty Images You Spend A Lot of Time Apart Getty Images During a sports season a lot of traveling is involved.

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