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In fact, it hasn't been legit prove if it was Irene or his manager. I think people love to twist the fact to something they want to hear. But if they are confirmed someday, i don't have anything to say because they was to random and absurd to be true. So my prediction goes to Suho. Irene often caught glancing to Suho, ignoring Suho lame jokes although Suho in fact are Sunbae. I think that's an indicator that Suho close enough to her until she dared enough to do it.

And we can't red velvet dating news how Suho always trying to closer with RV in any occasion and even willingly to appear as biggest fanboy for RV. It's a sweet gesture from him that make me cringe. Even if they are not dating, atleast they are close enough or like each red velvet dating news or maybe someone have one sided love. Ps, i guess it's Suho. If Irene doesn't involve in any random rumour after this, my prediction still goes to Suho. I don't have much thought about her.

She's didn't involve in any rumour red velvet dating news this day. Her member often said she is bad at dating and her answer seems like "i don't need a man" and so on. But to the great disappointment that mystery remained not solved and no one still does not know who was that mysterious prince. That fact caused many gossips about their relationship.

Seulgi red velvet dating news that she respects Kyuhyun. And about their relationship, the famous singer said only two red velvet dating news Kyuhyun, in his turn, said that he does not like famous persons and added he suppose Seulgi is pretty, but he feels really burdened if the lady is really popular and a Big Star. He wished Seulgi does not become too famous. Once the singer told a very interesting story about her first love.

When she lived in Toronto, she had a childhood friend, they most popular free online dating sites 2012 to school together, he often accompanied her home. The two did not even notice how a feeling of love gradually had grown up between them. Their relationship did not continue long. Their relationship finished when her boyfriend had gone to college and begun a new life.

BTS V's intense stare toward Red Velvet's Joy is stirring up dating rumors

Who has boyfriend in Red Velvet?

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